Whats Going on at Techspan Electrical?


The new website has finally arrived! New features, more information, new products, easy to navigate. Take a moment to navigate through and see what’s new at Techspan.


New from Scame – Mechanical Interlocks. Incorporates the disconnect switch/manual motor controller and receptacle in one compact non-fused, non-metallic and ecomical unit


Aluminum Pre-Insulated Power Bars and In-Line Splicer/Reducers 

Penn-Union’s line of Pres-Insulated Mechanical Connectors is continually expanding. The power blocks (IPB/IPBB) now accomodate any conudctor size from 14 Sol. to 1000 kcmil, while the in-line splicer/reducers (IISR/IISRB) accomodate conductors ranging from 14 Sol. to 750 kcmil¬†

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