Wire Identification

The ability to customize identification products is crucial in industries such as utilities and construction, where tags, signs and labels are utilized in proprietary settings or to convey job-specific information and identification.  As with forced inventory, repeatability, and adaptability challenges, the responsiveness of the manufacturers’ process is integral to providing customization solutions.  Techspan maintains a supply of stock tags, labels and hazard signs.

Because identification products must consistently convey safety information and warn of any potential danger while maintaining compliance with regulatory and commercial standards, customers need both repeatability and adaptability from a single manufacturer.  Product variation and product noncompliance create uncertainty in the field with consequences for users and businesses. 

Used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Utilities
  • Electrical
  • Telecommunication
  • Petrochemical
  • Construction
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • HVAC, Facility Maintenance
  • Food Processing
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
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