Remke Micro-Link connectors feature dozens of options to create reliable electrical connections in any environment.

PVC, PUR, TPE and Rubber protect the connector, which is factory molded to the cable for extra durability. 

  • Single-Key M12 connectors in many configurations and materials. 
  • Dual-Key Micro-Link Connectors, receptacles and more. 
  • Splitters and Wire Management Accessories too.

They are NEMA 6P and IP 67 Rated for compliant environmental protection in extreme elements.  


Rugged, Remke Micro-Link Molded Cable Connectors and cord sets are rated IP 67 and NEMA 6P for superior moisture resistance.

They offer fast, easy replacement of 12mm to 18mm sensors, switches and control components. 

Get the job done right the first time with durable connectors that are molded to the cable in the factory, and mechanically keyed to eliminate mis-mating. 

Many Options to Meet Your Demanding Specs 

  • M12 Single Key Connectors
  • Dual Key Connectors
  • Splitters and Wire Management
  • PVC, PUR, TPE and Rubber materials
  • 2 thru 12 pole configurations
  • Male and female connectors
  • Straight or 90-degree 
  • Optional LEDs
  • Cable with or without braiding
  • Shielded connectors with a 360° aluminum mylar foil shield minimize electrical interference that can disrupt the signal to the control device 
  • A splitter version molded to cable for a double/single ended configuration is available

Micro-Link connectors are designed for low amperage AC or DC control systems and are compatible with the pin configurations used by major U.S. and European sensor manufacturers.

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