Pre-insulated Heat Shrinkable Terminals and Splices

Your Canadian source for heat shrink crimp terminals and heat shrink terminal kits.

Red, blue and yellow coded heat shrink terminals provide a tough, environmentally sealed wire termination. Heat shrink insulated terminals protect the wire from pull-outs, abrasions, mechanical abuse and resist water, salt and other contaminants. Made in the USA.

  • Temperature rating: -55° to 100°C
  • UL Voltage rating: 600 Volts
  • For use with copper wire only

Crimp and Shrink - Our most popular style provides an easy and effective means of insulating and protecting terminal connections and splices against moisture, dirt and corrosion.
Solder and Shrink - soldered connection provides superior electrical current flow and tensile strength.
Crimp/Solder/Shrink - Crimp for maximum reliability, solder for strength & conductivity and seal for superior durability.

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