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Copper Blue Pre-Insulated Power Bars Single-Sided Conductor Entry

Heavy duty copper mechanical connectors:

  • Manufactured from high conductivity copper alloy
  • Ideal for use in demanding motor applications
  • Reusable, ideal for use when installing, testing or replacing motors
  • Suitable for use in cabletrays, raceways, ducts and troughs when the conductivity of a copper connection is required

Wide conductor range: 500 kcmil - 18 Sol.

  • Allows exibility in the field and reduces number of connectors in inventory
  • Join two or three conductors together

Rated for use with solid, stranded, Hypalon and DLO copper conductors, 600 Volt, 90° C

Copper alloy set screws for a lower resistance connection

Supplied with removable access plugs over screw ports

  • Provides protection against contaminants

Pre-insulated at factory with high dielectric strength plastisol

  • Saves time, eliminates taping, reduces overall installation costs
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Will not support combustion
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