Din Rail Terminal Blocks & Accessories

Tired of overpaying and long wait periods for your DIN Terminal Blocks? Those days are over! At Techspan our fully stocked and ready to ship large assortment of premium quality DIN Terminal Blocks, assures you get your order when you need it! We offer a wide variety of sizes, wire termination methods, current ratings, colors and accept a complete range of wire. Most control panels use some sort of terminal blocks to connect the control panel wiring to the field wiring and with the modular design of our unique line, you can mix and match on a DIN-standard metal rail to create a configuration that meets your specific application. Techspan DIN terminal Blocks distribute power and ground and also protect against overloads in factory automation, process control, motion control, data acquisition, electric utilities, standby and uninterruptible power, HVAC, telecommunications, and engine control applications.

  • Can accommodate two conductors of the same size per clamping unit.
  • High tightening torque because of cold forged rolled threaded screws.
  • Tin plated current carrying part ensures very low contact resistance.
  • The changes caused by temperature variation (if any) are effectively equalised by the elasticity of steel. This provides excellent vibration resistance.
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