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Non-Metallic Liquid Tight Conduit & Tubing

CONDUIT - 'FTPV' • Use as a raceway for the installation of approved conductors with a nominal rating of 600 Volts or less for non-hazardous locations • Sizes 3/8" to 2" • Integral rigid and flexible PVC construction resists pull & crushing • Dry temp. rating: 0º to 176º F (-18 to 80ºC) • In Oil temp. rating: up to 160º F (70º C) • Wet temp. rating: up to 140º F (60º C) • Use straight-thru and right-angle conduit connectors • CSA approved, RU listed TUBING - 'TUPV' • Support and protection of insulated conductors 600Volts or less in equipment for non-hazardous locations • TUPV -18ºC to 70ºC temperature rating • Maximum flexibility for use in tight quarters • Smooth inside for easier wire pulling • Suitable for high vibration or flexing applications • CSA approved as liquid-tight tubing only • Not CSA approved for mechanical protection • Cannot run mix of wire voltages in tubing
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Product Image SKU Product Name Technical Information
FTPV3758C 3/8" GRAY 100FT
FTPV5008C 1/2" GRAY 100FT
FTPV7508C 3/4" GRAY 100FT
FTPV10008C 1" GRAY 100FT
FTPV12508C 1-1/4" GRAY 100FT
FTPV15008L 1-1/2" GRAY 50FT
FTPV20008L 2" GRAY 50FT
TUPV2500C 1/4" BLACK 100FT
TUPV3750C 3/8" BLACK 100FT
TUPV5000C 1/2" BLACK 100FT
TUPV7500C 3/4" BLACK 100FT
TUPV10000C 1" BLACK 100FT
TUPV12500C 1-1/4" BLACK 100FT
TUPV15000L 1-1/2" BLACK 50FT
TUPV20000L 2" BLACK 50FT