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Trailer Cable

Techspan offers Freeze-Flex Trailer Cable which exceeds the SAE J1128 requirement. Techspan Trailer Cable remains flexible at -85°F (-65°C) and withstands temperatures of up to 140°F
(60°C). Its black PVC outer Jacket resists abrasion as well as chemicals, gasoline, diesel fuel, ozone and ultra-violet.

Techspan ABS trailer cable is designed for the ABS brake system's power requirements on single or multiple trailer configuratioins. This trailer cable meets and exceeds SAE J2394 cable requirements. PVC outer jacket is abrasion and oil resistant and remains flexible at -40°F (-40°C) 

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Product Image SKU Product Name Technical Information
769086 4/14, PVC, 50FT No PDF
769091 6/14, PVC, 50FT No PDF
769084 7/14, PVC, 50FT No PDF
769083 6/14 1/12, PVC, 50FT No PDF
769096 6/12 1/10, PVC, 50FT No PDF
769494 ABS TRAILER CABLE 1/8 2/10 4/12 50FT No PDF